• live_click_n_collect

    Click & Collect

    Giving your customers the choice to collect their online order from nearby outlets not only lets them obtain their purchase as soon as possible, but it also means no delivery charges for your store while also increasing footfall to the store, allowing your manager to up sell/cross sell to the interested shopper.

  • ship_from_store

    Ship from Store

    No need for separate inventories anymore! OE eliminates the need for a dedicated ecommerce fulfillment center and dead stock in your warehouses by enabling order processing from the store, possible due to real time synchronization with your POS.

  • multi_channel_loyalty_programs

    Multi-Channel Loyalty Programs

    Whether customers shop offline, online or via a mobile app, OE collates their preferences and trends. Once these become known to the store, it allows for personalized service and aggregated membership programs with loyalty points redeemable across all channels. This directly results in increased customer retention & loyalty.

  • location_aware_mobile_commerce

    Location Aware Mobile Commerce

    Shopistan OE allows you to use targeted marketing & location-based pulls to create better, more effective offers for your customers to avail. Conversion rates are significantly higher when mobile promotions are offered close to physical stores!

  • multi_courier_integrations_1

    Online Marketplace Integrations

    Do your products sell on third party platforms? Shopistan OE smooths the entire process by removing the need for individual inventories for your and third party websites. This means decreased warehouse charges, reduced out of stocks and consequently less commissions to third parties.

  • reciept_cash_reconciliation

    CoD Payments Reconcilliation

    By syncing online sales to POS at physical locations (both warehouses and stores), OE eliminates the extensive delays caused by lengthy procedures that are required to manually process payments through finance/accounts.



Shoppers research online before visiting a store


Sales still happen in store


SKU’s are not visible online

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Microsoft Dynamics


Leopards Courier
Express Courier Link

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You can use OE until you process orders worth PKR 1M through it and stop if you don’t find it useful. Once the PKR 1M mark is reached your monthly plan will kick in. Just email us and our team will get on it right away.

OE plans are a monthly fee. You decide when you want to stop.

Cancelling is easy. Just email us and we will cancel the service right away. You will receive a prorated charge.

Yes at any time. You can either upgrade or downgrade your plan.

This integration is non-intrusive and requires minimal setup and zero changes in the retailers POS systems.

We offer free unlimited technical support and advice. It is our duty to ensure your store managers are fully trained.

We use Amazon Web Services for data storage. The server allows backup and is secure and reliable.

Yes. The OE dashboard will let you generate custom reports to help you make better business decisions.

Yes absolutely. We are POS agnostic and we work with any POS solution in the market.

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